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    Benard Oswald July 17, 2012
    "It is always a pleasure working with you. It is nice to know there are people out there who care as much about their customers as we do ours... the listener. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work on KISS Party. As usual everything looked great!!! I look forward to working with you in the future.."

    Philip & Sarah July 17, 2012
    "Hey Alan Tee Jnr!, we just unpacked the photographs and we just had to let you know, they look so amazing. We seriously are very impressed!- especially since we are wedding photographers ourselves."

    Mark Anthony July 17, 2012
    "The newsletter once again reflected the high standards I have come to associate with your company."

    Jimmy Townsend July 17, 2012
    "My company needed a creative marketing website that would provide useful sales information while being user friendly, interactive, and functional. MindQwest Studios created an incredibly website and continues to provide reliable support services. The website is definitely marketing dollars well spent!"

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    Alan - Tee Jnr is a boutique CREATIVE AND BRANDING company that offers an all-inclusive and uniquely tailored approach to creative & communication for every client. Utilising our feeling of interest to uncover important bits of knowledge to convey more grounded, more powerful work. We trust iRead More

    The Team

    Yaw Osafo - Ansong

    CEO/Creative Director

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    The Life Line Of Our Business

    We are happy to be associated with the business listed below for having to trust us with their brand

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    Our Tireless Commitment

    At Mindqwest Studios we offer a full variety of film production. Documentaries , viral promotion, website videos, music videos, live event filming. You name it, we can film it. If you have already started a production and simply need assistance in the form of camera, sound and lighting crew we are always here to help as well as supplying our own equipment. If you are in the process of making your own videos for your website or community projects.

    Most Respected Clients

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    27 Jul

    Olympics Puts Mobile Communications Technology To The Test

    Telecoms firms say their networks will cope with the strain of the hundreds of thousands of spectators, workers and athletes using mobile devices across London\'s Olympic Park in East London. Thirty mobile phone masts have been fitted across the 500 acre (2,000 square metre) site, 14 of them for inside stadiums and other buildings. In additio......

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    27 Jul

    Gesture Control Coming To Windows 8 Computers

    Currently, PointGrab technology is deeply embedded in a few TV sets from one manufacturer. PointGrab executives begged me not to name the vendor, but there\'s only one company shipping gesture-controlled TVs so it\'s not hard to figure it out. In the living room environment, the technology makes a lot of sense. Instead of having to poke at butto......

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    17 Jul

    Adobe Refines HDR Tool With Photoshop CS6

    The free beta of Photoshop CS6 has updated algorithms, options, and presets for those who like high-dynamic-range images. But improved standard editing tools encroach on HDR\'s turf. Adobe has spruced up Photoshop CS6\'s tool for creating HDR images--at the same time that it\'s updated editing tools with features that make high-dynamic range pho......

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    Alan - Tee Jnr specialises in providing high end HD equipment that is recognised for film and television standards. We only have the very latest in filming equipment and we can offer full kits for HD cameras, Digital recorders, dollies, lighting and sound kits. We provide support to all productions that require assistance and advice. Call us for a competitive quote and we’ll make sure that we can accommodate all your production needs as well as budget.

    • Film Equipment

      2X Canon EOS-7D DLSR with 18-135mm and 50mm lenses // 2X Canon XF100 HD Camcorder // Redhead lighting kit // 2X Limelite Mosaic 30cm LED Panel

    • Post Production

      2X Mac Pro // Final Cut Pro // Adobe After Effect // Adobe Premiere Pro // Cinema 4d

    • Sound Kits

      Sennheiser ME 66/K6 Microphone // Sennheiser MD-46 Dynamic Microphone // Rode VideoMic Pro // Sennheiser Evolution 135P G3 Radio Mic Kit // Sound Devices MixPre-D Compact Field Mixer // Rycote Full Windshield Kit

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    Suite 108 Legacy Centre, Hanworth Trading Estate, Feltham, England TW13 6DH



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    We recognize that every small business begins with a dream and a passion to succeed. We realize that it also takes a great deal of time and energy to make that dream a reality. That's why we're here, to help small businesses succeed and to improve the personal lives of our clients.

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  • Print

    MindQwest Studios has a vast wealth of experience in providing a range of high quality print services, from business card printing to brochure printing and folder printing, we can provide advice on materials and finishing. Our business starter-packs include letterheads, compliment slips, and business card printing and can be supplied on a wide range of papers, including a selection of recycled stock.

    250 Business Cards Printed 2 Side[85x55 mm] on 400gsm Silk
    250 Business Cards Printed 2 Sides Matt Laminated 2 Sides

    A4 Letterheads, 1/3 A4 Comp. Slips, 85x55 Mat Laminated Business cards Printed 1 Side, x 500, Flat, 5 days

    A5 LEAFLETS 130gsm GLOSS Printed 2 Sides

    A6 FLYERS 400gsm SILK GLOSSLAM/MATLAM Printed 2 Sides

    A5 FLYERS 400gsm SILK GLOSSLAM/MATLAM Printed 2 Sides

    FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US ON 02087555815 OR Email us at

  • Website

    MindQwest Studios provides a comprehensive website design service for clients throughout the United Kingdom and Abroad. Our start to finish approach to web design covers every aspect of the creative process and the end result is a highly effective web site that allows your users to access the information they require effortlessly. Having a fully functional web site adds value to your business and works for you as a highly effective marketing tool - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work closely with you throughout the web site development process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

    Holding Page (Enquiry form, Sitemap.xml)
    Small 3 Page Website (Enquiry form, Sitemap.xml)
    Medium 5 Page Website (Enquiry form, Sitemap.xml, very little Animation / Gallery)
    Larger 10 Page website (Enquiry form, Sitemap.xml, Animation / Gallery)

    Website more than 10pages will require Bespoke Quotes

    General Website Updates (Graphics, Text & Code, Navigation)
    Programming Work (Text & Code, Database)

    FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US ON 0302 501 919 OR Email us at

  • Who We Are


    Alan - Tee Jnr is a boutique CREATIVE AND BRANDING company that offers an all-inclusive and uniquely tailored approach to creative & communication for every client.

    Utilising our feeling of interest to uncover important bits of knowledge to convey more grounded, more powerful work. We trust it's this sort of thinking executed with genuine art abilities that drives brands forward.

    We tune in to your necessities and Learn from your objective clients to create tailored strategy. We tune in, research, plan, plan, implement and evaluate.

    Whether it’s strategic guidance and planning, writing, media management, event management, website development, editing or creative design that you need, Alan - Tee Jnr can help you achieve your goals, carefully
    created to promote your point of difference.

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    01 Jan